This Air Incense is a mix of Two roots. 100% EXOTIC, Organic and Natural plant roots found in the Bhutan Mountain at an altitude of 3900 and 3100 meters..
It boasts of many benefits to the human health, like;

  1. Stress Reliever. Prevents Head aches
  2. Calms the brain and helps with anxiety
  3. Improves brain vitality and memory
  4. Induces sleep thus helps cure insomnia
  5. Helps with Depression as it calms the mind
  6. Can be used as an Incense for its exotic scent
  7. After use, it can be used as manure for plants

How to Use This Root;

  1. This Packet contains an outer protective cover and inside is the Pang Poe + filled Pouch
  2. Remove the outer cover and find the Pang Poe + Pouch with its string knot sealed
  3. DO NOT FORCE OPEN the Pouch as it contains the Pang Poe +. Keep the Pouch sealed
  4. Place the pouch in your room or garden, a place where you can get its scent.
  5. You can hang it by the bedroom door or window so that the movement of air can spread the scent around
  6. Hang it in office for its scent which is a Stress reliever
  7. Keep in mind that his is not an overnight instant remedy BUT regular use can be beneficial

How Long Does the Scent Last; Once open, each pouch scent will last for 30 days or more. Use until scent lasts. When scent reduces, crush the pouch to break down the roots, there will a revival of the scent.

After ultimate use, throw the Pang Poe on any land as it is 100% biodegradable, OR Pang Poe + roots can be burned as INCENSE.

How to order

  • 01. Choose the product that you are interested in.
  • 02. Mail us your requirement mentioning the product name and which country the product is to be delivered. Mail us at bhutanjewelincense@gmail.com
  • 03. We will get back to you with a product invoice quoting the fixed price for each country.
  • 04. Order is confirmed once the invoiced money is transferred. Money transfer can be done via Bank wire transfer or western union money transfer. Please note that in Bhutan we do not have credit card transfer or any online transfer facilities. We will need the bank remittance copy or the MTCN number respectively.
  • 05. Once payment is received the goods are dispatched immediately within three working day and the product tracking number will be mailed to you.
  • 06. It would be nice if you mail us once you've received the incense