Bhutan Amitayus Buddha ( Tshephamy)

Made In Bhutan by the “King of Bhutan” Dharma Project

Minimum Height – 6 Inches, Made from Pure Copper with upper chest and face painted with Real Gold.

Tshephamy for Long Life, Good Health and Peace.

In Sanskrit “ Amitayus “ means “ Eternal Life “. The Tshephamy or Amitayus Buddha statues is raised on a lotus flower, holding a vase vessel that is said to hold the elixir of long life.

While praying to Tshephamy or Amitayus, one should pray with a pure conscience and strong devotion

In Bhutan, we have 2 main local industries that deal with making Idols and statues in metal like bronze and copper with gold plating or silver plating. Then we have another few places that  make statues and idols from mud. We make personal trips to these factories so that the artisans feel appreciated for their hard work when we see them work and product beautiful idols.

How to order

  • 01. Choose the product that you are interested in.
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  • 03. We will get back to you with a product invoice quoting the fixed price for each country.
  • 04. Order is confirmed once the invoiced money is transferred. Money transfer can be done via Bank wire transfer or western union money transfer. Please note that in Bhutan we do not have credit card transfer or any online transfer facilities. We will need the bank remittance copy or the MTCN number respectively.
  • 05. Once payment is received the goods are dispatched immediately within three working day and the product tracking number will be mailed to you.
  • 06. It would be nice if you mail us once you've received the incense