Layap Sang – Loose Incense From The Mountains Of Bhutan (Pang Poe)

100% Natural Incense Roots, wild crafted from an altitude of 3800-5000 meters by the Highlanders of remote Laya and Lingzhi, in Bhutan.

The highlanders’ camp out in the arduous high mountains digging up and drying these rhizomes, making it ready for burning as incense. And It takes another 3 days to reach the local market in Bhutan.

This incense root is an exotic organic plant. Burning just a small amount releases the most amazing incense scent. Just a little of this loose sang rubbing off on your hands also leave a strong pleasant scent.


  • Burn a small amount on its own OR you can mix it with other loose incense in an incense burner, and let it smoke
  • Can be used in Riwo Sangchoe ( Mountain Smoke Puja for the Gods )
  • Can be used as one of the exotic ingredients when making incense sticks
  • Can help as an antidepressant therapy to manage depression, anxiety disorder, mental tiredness, and other psychological issues. It has a calming effect
  • Used in traditional medicines, essential oils, and even as a perfume.

Burn the sang under safe environment

Nett. Wt. 250 Gms

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