Sky DZONG/ Sky Dancer Sang-Premium Quality Loose Incense

“DZONG” in Bhutanese means Fortress. Sky Dzong is the English translation for Guru Rimpoche’s sky abode, embodying all the sacred sites in Singye Dzong.

Sky DZONG – Premium Bhutanese Loose Incense From the Sacred Region of SINGYE Dzong. (The LION FORTRESS ),which is a better version of the previous Sky Dancer. It is the earlier Sky Dancer which has now been UPGRADED for a much better scent and offering MORE QUANTITY Gms for the same Sky Dancer price.

Singye Dzong is one of the most sacred nye (Holy site) in BHUTAN. It is a Fortress built over the cave where Guru Rimpoche known also as Guru Padmasambhava meditated. There is also a cave where Khandro Yeshey Tsogyal meditated alone.

Singye Dzong is situated at an altitude of nearly 5000 meters above sea level and is surrounded by sacred lakes, the prominent ones being “Tso Kar” and “Tso Nak” (White and Black Lakes).It takes at least 3 days trek to reach this holy site.

Maybe because this site is so sacred and divine, the incense made from the ingredients found at this site is of the sweetest scent and reflects the purity of Singye Dzong the Sky abode of Guru Rimpoche and
Khandro Yeshey Tsogyal.

Enjoy the divinity of the mountains of BHUTAN (NATURAL, ORGANIC and Non TOXIC)

USES and HARVESTING this Sang Blend: The master and monks of Singye Dzong, who meditate and recite prayers in this harsh BUT beautiful abode of the Gods, harvest this sang in the Autumn season, with the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene used as an offering to Gods, deities, for rituals and ceremonies or used daily as a natural fragrance and air freshener in homes and offices for purification. Can also be used as one of the ingredients when preforming Riwo Sangcho(Mountain Smoke Offering).

This Sang is blended with other natural ingredients so that the best scent is given out when burned. On its own, some people like the scent and some don’t feel it is sweet enough. Although in Bhutan, we burn it on its own.

CAUTION: Burn in an Incense Pot. Use with care in safe environment and keep away from the reach of small children

NOTE : Every Packed Incense Sachet may not be 100% same color since the Incense powder is handmade from Natural Ingredients.

Incense Properties: Net Content Wt. of 250 Grams Incense Powder Packed in Environment Friendly and Bio Degradable Local handmade (LOKTA) paper made from Daphne Plant in Bhutan.

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