Nolsang Zimpoe- 10 Inches- Red Cover-Protection from Evil and Purification

In ancient Tibet during the times of Guru Rimpoche ( Guru Padmasambhava ) there lived a powerful King and his Queen Consort.

The Queen consort became pregnant and gave birth to a child. The child was born abnormal, thus the Queen Consort with the help of her maid buried the child alive.

In the times ahead, the King started to fall ill and nothing nor anyone could cure him of his illness, and it was at this time that the maid told the King about the abnormal child and its final fate.

The King got furious, and commanded that the Queen be killed for her evil deed.

The shaken and afraid Queen went to Guru Rimpoche and narrated the whole story, repented for her sins and now, by the command of the King, she was to face death soon. It was then that Guru Rimpoche created this Incense to save her from her death.

Thus this Incense has been named NOLSANG by the Great Padmasambhava himself.

Lighting of this incense is said to protect and purify ones soul

Incense Properties: Each Roll of the RED Cover Nolsang contains a Minimum of 20 THICK Incense Sticks OR Min of 38 normal thickness in each Packet of LENGTH : 10 Inches. The number of Incense sticks depends on the size of the nozzle that squeezes the incense out, so if the sticks come out THICK then lesser number is packed in the box.

CAUTION: Use with care in safe environment and keep away from the reach of small children

NOTE : All the Incense Sticks may not be 100% same color since the Incense is handmade from Natural Ingredients and there could be some color change due to level of moisture in the air at the time of natural drying process.

NOTE : GREEN and RED NOLSANG Incense is the same ingredients with same scent, but the Packing Cover is differently colored as they hold different size of the Incense Sticks

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