Nomadic Sang-Mix of Chopped Incense

Nomadic Sang From the Mountains of Bhutan

Highland Nomads from the Bhutan Mountains chop and grind the mountain herbs, roots and tree barks to be produced into this exotic Sang mixture which is used as an offering to the Gods and local deities. In the Bhutanese homes, temples and offices, the burning of Sang is a morning ritual for purification. This Sang is also used when performing the Rewo Sangcho ( Mountain Smoke Prayers) up in the High Mountains for appeasing the local deities and gods.

Sang Properties: Net Weight : 500 Gms in a packet/pouch of powdered and manually chopped pieces of the natural ingredients.

There may not be equal measured parts of ingredients in each packet as all are manually and individually packed by the locals.

Organic and Natural Product MADE IN BHUTAN

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