Bhutan Mindroling Incense-Tibet to Bhutan

Made In Bhutan for its Pristine Environment and Rich Forests – All Natural Ingredients

Mindroling Bhutan Incense is made with the same formula of ingredients that have been used in ancient Tibet. In the 17th Century, Buddhist masters visited Bhutan including Masters from the Mindroling Monastery. Mindroling is one of the 6 Buddhist Schools in Tibet. It was during such visits that this Special Incense making procedure was passed on into Bhutan. Presently, there are not many who can make this incense thus this incense is highly revered in Bhutan and its neighboring countries.

Bhutan is perfect to make this incense as the highly protected natural environment of Bhutan is able to supply all the natural ingredients that is required to make this incense, exactly like in Ancient times.

Mindroling Bhutan Incense has been prepared according to the formulation prescribed by Pema Karpo the great yogi of the Drukpa School of Buddhism and Minling Trichen the treasure discoverer of the Mindroling Monastery. It is a blend of many precious aromatic substances like Clove, nutmeg, saffron, red and white sandal wood and other Himalayan medicinal herbs. Hygienically made in Central Bhutan in a place called Bumthang, known to be the abode of Guru Padmasambhava or as most refer to as the Guru Rimpoche .


Locally Hand Made in Bhutan with the highest standard of cleanliness and balanced ingredients

  • Used as an offering to Gods, deities and Bodhisattvas.
  • Used in Religious Rituals and ceremonies
  • Used daily as Natural fragrance and air freshener in homes and offices, for purification and removal of all defilements.

CAUTION: Use with care in safe environment and keep away from the reach of small children

NOTE : Every Packed Incense Stick may not be 100% same size or color as the Incense is Hand Made and Natural Ingredients are used which could change color with different atmosphere.

Incense Properties: Contains 30 Sticks. Length 8 Inches. Net Wt.71 Gms

Burning Time :  Over 1 hour

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