About us

Bhutan Jewel Incense House – Incense Exotic to Bhutan

In brief:

  • All Incense Products are made in Bhutan
  • We ship worldwide
  • Only Natural and Organic Ingredients used
  • Sales directly benefit the home based incense makers and artisans of Rural Bhutan

Incense purchased from Bhutan Jewel Incense House is 100 % Organic and Pure Incense source from all over the Kingdom of Bhutan.

We take pride in bringing to the local Bhutanese and international market, high quality Incense, some of which are exotically rare that even the local Bhutanese people revere it highly.

We procure all the incense ingredients from its source so that our purchases directly benefits the grass root people, who deserve the direct appreciation and financial benefit for their hard work and skills of sourcing the original ingredients, mostly from the difficult high mountains.

Our direct engagement benefits the end product buyers as well, as the middle men are completely removed, thus getting rid of unnecessary price escalation, ridding all in between mixing and dilution of inferior similar looking herbs, roots, twigs etc.

For powdering of the Incense, we procure and monitor all ingredients in its original form before pounding or powdering them, thus ensuring the ingredients to be 100% pure.

We have just a few out lets in the UK United Kingdoms, CANADA and the USA United States of America, and for us to expand we would be happy to join in with some stores in other countries that would want to deal with authentic Bhutanese Incense.

 Tashi Delek and Kadrinche La ( Good Wishes and Thank You )

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How to order

  • 01. Choose the product that you are interested in.
  • 02. Mail us your requirement mentioning the product name and which country the product is to be delivered. Mail us at bhutanjewelincense@gmail.com
  • 03. We will get back to you with a product invoice quoting the fixed price for each country.
  • 04. Order is confirmed once the invoiced money is transferred. Money transfer can be done via Bank wire transfer or western union money transfer. Please note that in Bhutan we do not have credit card transfer or any online transfer facilities. We will need the bank remittance copy or the MTCN number respectively.
  • 05. Once payment is received the goods are dispatched immediately within three working day and the product tracking number will be mailed to you.
  • 06. It would be nice if you mail us once you've received the incense